Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Time For Inspiration


I affirm my life today.

As I relinquish my judgments, I learn and heal and grow.

Forgiveness and letting go offer everything I want.

I am open and willing to allow my life to be a blessing.

Time to Be Inspired

When our energy is high, we may feel inspired.

When our energy is low, we may feel depressed.

When we are inspired, we feel happy and content.

When we are depressed, we may feel sad, bored or upset.

How do we use our energies to define our lives?

Do we hang onto what is depressing for us?

Do we decide to make the best of what we have?

Are we open and willing to change what we feel/

When we live in a depressed state, we may have no awareness of what we can do.

When we give up our right and responsibility to choose, we may feel victimized 

When we assess what is our current experience without fear or anger, we free ourselves.

When we judge with blame, regret and negative beliefs, we feel stuck with limitation.

We can choose to see what is and change what we can.

We can choose to see what is and accept what we cannot change.

We need only honestly and wisely decide what is possible.

And when there is inspiration, we may see opportunities where we thought there were none.

Deciding to change our mind, can change our attitude.

Forgiving where we are stuck can change our life.

Learning from what we thought was an obstruction can help us grow.

Releasing our false beliefs can set us free.

We are here to grow through everything we experience.

We are called to live life freely and abundantly.

We can learn from everything we experience.

All things are in our best interest when we see it as so.

Allowing life to be will set us free.

Learning from everything and everyone offers great wisdom.

Releasing our judgments, guilt, blame and fears brings us light.

Changing our focus and direction offers new perspectives and possibilities.

Inspire yourself today by truly understanding the way of life.

Life will work for you when you work with your life.

Life will seem to fail you with you fail to understand the value of life.

Blessings come as we bless ourselves and the life we have.

There is so much more that meets the eye and ear and mind.

Be patient as you ask for inner guidance and seek to be inspired.

Listen deeply to the desires of your heart.

What is of true and lasting value is the healing, growth and wisdom  you seek.

Love is forever.

Betty Lue