Wednesday, March 09, 2022


Time changes on Sunday 

Life in our world is changing everyday.


I trust all change works together for Good.

I seek the Good in all change.

I enjoy the freedom to change.

I appreciate my flexibility and willingness.

Changing with Ease

Change happens with our Willingness!

Change happens with our Allowance!

Change happens with Letting Go!

Change happens with Trust!

Consistency is the ground of our Being.

Change occurs with consistent willingness.

Trust is the way we adapt to change.

When we trust consistently, we are willing to change.

Letting go with gratitude eases us into change.

Allowing with trust releases uncertainty.

Remembering what to trust is essential to letting go.

Being free to change our minds gives us the power to correct our path.

Consistency and Change work together.

When we are consistent in our self support, we can change easily.

When we are consistent in our trust, we can adapt to change.

When we are aware of our choices, we are wise in our change.

Trust yields confidence.

Freedom offers choice.

Consistency provides stability.

Change gives us new choices.

Life can be growthful or stuck.

Choices can be freeing or limiting.

Minds can open or closed.

Change can be awakening or unconscious.  

When change occurs:

Stabilize with basic routines.

Keep some areas exactly the same.

Give yourself some time to plan and prepare.

Reassure yourself with what is familiar.

Be Responsible for the change by joining in.

Talk about the feelings, both positive and negative.

Make a list of what you want the change to yield.

Create alternatives to what is planned if not good for you.

Explore your options before, during and after the changes.

Reward yourself for allowing change and forgiving mistakes.

Remind yourself by affirming: “Everything works more exquisitely than I can plan.”

Look for the positives and eliminate focusing on the negatives.

Contribute and appreciate what is good for you with courage, gratitude and peace.

Loving you in your willingness,

Betty Lue