Thursday, March 10, 2022

My Part


I do what is mine to do.

I live true to what is right for me.

I know courage sets me free to be.

I live my life in the highest and best way I know.

What Can I Do?

What is my part to play?

How can I participate?

Where do I fit in?

How can I serve?

What is for the Highest Good? 

How do I know what to do?

Where can I join to be helpful?

Why am I here?

Some are here to be helpful.

Some are here to serve others.

Some are here to heal their past.

Some are here to find love that lasts.

For each one of us there is a unique and special reason.

For each one there is a calling to experience what is ours to be and do.

For everyone there is a time and a season.

For everyone there is a right place and way to live and see.

When we go to sleep, hiding under the covers, we cannot see and know.

When we do what everyone else seems to be doing, we forget our selves.

When we sit waiting for an alarm to awaken us, we may never wake up.

When we follow and copy someone else’s path , we may never know our own.

We learn by watching and even studying someone we admire.

We encourage ourselves by imitation and emulating other’s choice.

We free ourselves by being rebellious and even with oppositional defiance.

We explore our own path with freedom to try our other possibilities.

Actors learn to act.

Healers learn to heal.

Parents learn to parent.

Humans learn by acting humane.

We all copy others journeys through reading, pretending, admiring and trying it out.

Try out what you want to be.

See if it fits for you.

Explore by volunteering, taking on a project, learning by observing.

Be honest with yourself is all aspects.

Give yourself a big dose and see if it works.

Be honest about what feels happy and right for you.

Step away and choose again when it is unhappy and wrong.

Encouraging our freedom to play the part that is ours.

Betty Lue 

First, LEARN

Be awake and aware.

Second, FORGIVE.

Stop judging yourself and Others.

Third, HELP.

Ask how you can be helpful to others.

Life is your teacher to show you what to learn and how to be helpful.