Monday, March 28, 2022

Begin Again


I am new again today and everyday.

Life inspires and renews me.

I offer forgiveness to begin again brand new.

The past is gone: I am free to choose again.

Ever-Renewing Life

Do first things first.

Start with the basics.

Do what works for you.

If it doesn’t work, stop.

Start each day with what feels Good and Right.

Begin each relationship with what works.

Live your life as if every moment matters.

Recognize that you are at choice and in charge.

When you make a mistake, correct it.

When you hurt someone, apologize.

When you are hurt or offended, forgive.

Erase the past and choose what is better.

Every day is a new day.

Every word is a new word.

Every deed is a new deed.

When we are new in each moment, we can choose again for what works.

People carry the past as though it was their best.

There is always constant and never-ending improvement.

We think, speak and behave in better and better ways.

To be conscious is to be conscientious and live with conscience.

When you are critical, you have failed to correct your own errors first.

When you are complaining, you have forgotten to take responsibility for yourself.

When you are minding others’ business, you have neglected to trust them.

When we are clear, clean and sober, we can offer our help with consideration.

In relationships, each interaction can hurtful and angry by rehashing yesterday’s mistakes.

Each day can be a new day by erasing, deleting, forgiving and seeing each other new again.

Respect is seeing things differently and allowing changes to be made by each individual.

Forcing change through criticism and complaint only yields resentment and resistance.

Consider how you can relinquish all attack and see others with love, trust and respect.

People change when they feel valued, appreciated, encouraged and forgiven.

Holding resentment and judgments keeps the pain and problem in place.

Putting out negative thoughts, feelings and actions, create pain and more of the same.

Beginning with hope, faith and love opens the way for transformational change.

Each day can be renewing with inspiring words of forgiveness and affirmation.

Our lives can be constantly seeking the best in ourselves and inspiring others.

We can always begin again with the best we know.

Loving the Best now and every now.

Betty Lue