Tuesday, March 29, 2022



I use time to do what I love.

I live in present moment and have plenty of time.

There is Divine timing for everything Divine.

Everything always happens in perfect timing.

No Time or Unlimited Time?

What is time but a measurement?

What are we measuring?

Are we using our time wisely?

Is there enough time?

When we measure what we have, we may find that we  have more or less time than we think.

When we lose track of time, we find we have not been paying attention to time.

When we think we don’t have enough time, we may feel rushed or anxious.

When we imagine that we are out of time, we may even feel panicky or desperate.

What if time is our imagined measure of what limits us.

What if we use time as a way to motivate or depress ourselves.

What if we see time as a power that we need to manage.

What if time is our own created adversary or friend.

It took no time at all.

I better hurry because I am running out of time.

I just wasted all that time.

What time is it anyway?

I didn’t know what time it was.

I need to take my time.

Time is money.

That was good timing.

There is never enough time.

I need to learn to be on time.

All of these expressions indicate that time is significant.

Whatever our attitude about time, it challenges us to pay attention.

What we think or say about time, we apparently need it .

However we use time, we seem to find it important to master.

When we measure time as being perfect, it is.

When we see time as running out, it does.

When we know there is enough time, we have enough.

When we are fear wasting time, we do.

What we think and say, we create.

Do we get it?

Are we learning?

Let’s practice using time for our learning how we create and master time

Thoughts create.

What we believe, we will see,

What we want to be, we will choose.

Choose to use the time in your life well.

Betty Lue