Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Waste Not, Want Not!


Everyday in every way I use my time wisely.

I choose to give time to what inspires me.

I choose to spend time with people with whom I learn and grow.

I choose to live my time with what matters most to me.

Don’t Waste Time!

Time is valuable.

You can spend it any way you want.

You can waste it or give it away.

You can share it and appreciate it.

Time is a gift to be used wisely.

You can give it no value.

You can forget and neglect it.

You can give it to others.

What did you accomplish Yesterday?

Did you learn something?

Did you earn something?

Did you do what you wanted?

What will you use your time for this year?

Have you looked at your goals and projects?

Have you clarified your values and morals.

Have you decided what makes you happy?

How are you spending your time?

Who are you giving your time to?

What is the value of the time you spend?

Do you spend each day with no regrets?

When you go to bed happy and peaceful, you have spent your day well.

When you wake up in the morning feeling ready to enjoy the day, you are choosing well.

When you choose what you want to do and with whom, you are using time the right way for you.

When you live your life your way, you will have no complaints and will feel satisfied.

Consider looking at your time management.

Write down all the ways you spend you time in a single day.

Cooking, shopping, cleaning, phone time, internet, talking, walking , at work, exercise, personal hygiene, sleeping, eating, working, gossip, writing, managing, commuting, creating, reading, TV, video games, etc.

Write down your ideal take and expenditure of time on what you love and prefer.

The work is to begin to eliminate what you don’t like or value. 

Do more of what you really love and enjoy.

Do less of what you don’t value or enjoy.

Change your mind about those time expenditures you believe you need to do.

Your time is yours to use as you choose.

Your energy is to be given to what restores your energy.

What you don’t like will drain your energy.

What you love will inspire and fulfill you.

Be a conscious guardian and good steward of your time.

Loving us all as we learn mastery of our lives.

Betty Lue