Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Telling Our Truth


I am open to seeing what is real.

I know I only know what I think I know.

I am limited in my perception.

I trust there is another way of looking at everything.

Telling the Truth

Are we telling our version of the truth?

Are we telling the truth others want to hear?

Do we believe the truth we tell?

Do we even know the “truth”?

It is our perception of what we see and hear and feel.

It is our understanding based on what we have experienced.

It is only a facsimile of what we this we know.

Words we use are interpreted by those who hear us.

Perception is influenced by how we feel and what we believe.

When we seek to excuse or justify, we can fine truth to corroborate.

When we seek to get justice, we will find evidence to prove ourselves right.

When we seek to accuse or blame, we can conjure up “facts” to make our case.

It is essential to find peace and release of fear by perceiving at a deeper level.

When words stand in the way of looking and listening deeper, we must pause and step back.

When we are righteous in our attempt to know what we know,  we may use everything to prove ourselves.

When we step away from our opinions, beliefs and judgments, we may begin to see things differently.

We may be attached to our story.

We may want to feel safe in our perception.

We may deny our choice in the experience.

We may believe we are only a fair witness.

When it is time to release our fears:

We begin to forgive and release our judgments.

We show us and look within.

We become responsible for our choices.

We forgive our mistakes and choose again.

We seek the higher ground.

We want to learn and find peace.

We claim our part and see things differently.

When we see things from a “less than” perspective, we may feel guilt, regret and sorry.

When we see things from a “better than” position, we may feel denial, blame and victimized.

When we are willing to see things as they are, we can trust that learning and benefit will follow.

We can see all things working together for good, when we trust in value of learning and healing.

Are you open and willing to see more and learn more?

Are you willing to let go of your judgments and fears?

Can you see things differently as you see from other’s perspective?

Can you stop projecting your judgments and start perceiving another way of seeing?

I am willing to open my mind and see things another way.

Loving us all, 

Betty Lue