Thursday, January 20, 2022



I easily inspire myself and others everyday.

Life is a place of joy and gratitude.

I love inspiring others with what inspires me.

I know the Spirit of unconditional Love within me.


Where we are inspired, we live well.

When we are inspired, we love well.

How we are inspired, we trust well.

Inspiration is our Strength and our Sustenance.

What lifts your spirit?

What makes you happy?

What gives you hope?

What makes your heart sing?

What fills you with Joy?

What encourages you to create?

Where do you love to give?

What empowers you?

Therein lies your source of inspiration.

I write to you everyday because it inspires me.

I counsel and coach everyday because it inspires me.

I enjoy keeping our home beautiful because it inspires me.

Laughing, learning, listening, letting go all inspires me.

I am inspired by cooking and sharing quality time with my partner.

I am inspired as I watch the lake and mountains from my desk.

I am inspired by the folks I know who love and give to others.

I am inspired by the amazing talents and creative expressions I see in humanity.

I feel Spirit when I read inspired writings.

I feel Spirit when I share love at a spiritual service.

I feel Spirit when I watch children learn and play.

I feel Spirit when I listen quietly within.

When I know I have contributed to others’ well-being I am inspired.

When I see others experience inner peace I am inspired.

When I teach how to love our children better, I am inspired.

When I watch nature show its beauty, I am inspired.

Life is amazing and miraculous.

Love produces more love when we value Love.

Friendship connects us in ways far deeper than words can say.

When we are inspired, we remember we are one.

When you feel inspired, you are an inspiration to others.

Let your Love, Joy, Gratitude and Inspiration show.

You can wake up your world to be fully alive and in love again.

Inspire others in all you think and say and do.

Inspired and Inspiring one another,

Betty Lue