Sunday, January 30, 2022



I join with others to support the Highest Vision.

I release all blocks to support Freedom and Trust.

I honor differences and seek the positive agreement.

I seek opportunities to join for the Highest Good of all.

Join with Purpose

When you are on purpose, the power of connection is amplified with two or more.

When you focus on a goal, the possibilities expand with agreement with others.

When you want a positive outcome, it is far more likely with agreement. 

With two or more joined with similar goal, focus and purpose, all things are possible.

In partnership, business or family, the more goal-focused agreement, the more likely the outcome.

When you are joined in Purpose, there is respect, responsibility and cooperation.

When two people are focused on the same goal, there is cooperation.

When people are cooperation on what is right and good for both, they agree.

Where there is agreement, there need be no conflicts of wasted energy.

Relationships are for revealing and healing.

Relationships are for teaching and learning.

Relationships are for discovering Your authentic Self.

Relationships are a Gift to be treated with respect and kindness.

When you are focused on what will work for both, you heal, learn and grow together.

When two are purposeful, you can heal differences.

When two are joined, you encourage one another.

When two are joined, you listen and learn better.

Where there is conflict, there is wasted time and energy.

Where there is disagreement, there is lack of love and understanding.

Where there is confusion, there is loss of focus and commitment.

Where there is guilty, there is withdrawal and blame.

In all relationships, there is the possibility of magnificent success and devastating failure.

Within families, organizations, communities and nations, there is a call for joining with purpose.

When people see for the Highest vision and goals, there is higher potential for agreement.

When people are connected with a higher purpose, they find where they are joined.

With disagreement, seek for the highest place of joining.

With challenges, go to the place of agreement.

With negativity, focus on what is working.

With disappointment, forgive the past and seek the positive possibilities. 

See where you agree.

Set aside past conflict and confusion.

Eliminate negativity, criticism and blame.

Join where all can succeed.

Value the relationship.

Commit to positive possibilities.

Support one another work together.

Walk together to reach your goals.

Where two or more are joined, all things are possible.

I know this is so.

Trusting and believing in You, 

Betty Lue

Keys to Successful Relationships/Partnerships 

 Joining-Create a common vision or shared goal.

 Honesty- Communicate your true intention without secrets or withholds.

 Equality-Each is giving the best they know in each moment.

 Commitment- Agree to what is highest and best for both parties.

 Responsibility- Be able and willing to respond consciously to all relationship needs without guilt or blame. 

Be respectful and forgiving of mistakes made.