Saturday, January 29, 2022

Stay Inspired!


Life is ours to use for inspiration.

I remember I am here to be inspired to inspire.

I know who I am matters.

I trust my life is my gift to use for expanded giving.

Stay Inspired!

How do you inspire yourself?

Are you learning and growing?

Are you healing and living healthy?

Are you loving and feeling loved?

Are you living and fully enjoying?

Are you giving and valuing your gifts?

Are you connecting and receiving trusting the connection?

Are you receiving wisdom and awakening available?


Everything is available to you.

All of life is yours to have and use and live.

When we share what we are learning, we stay inspired.

When we give what we are receiving, we stay inspired.


All that inspires us will inspire others.

Our life is flow and flow is both letting go and receiving.

The flow of life energy in us and through us is enlivening.

The opportunity to share what we have is an unlimited gift.


Every breath we take is breathing with all that is.

Every walk we take is enlivening us and all.

Every song we sing is singing with everyone.

When we learn we are part of everything, we are inspired.

When you are inspired, your life is an inspiration for others.

When you are learning, you are inspiring everyone to learn.

When you are healing, your healing is healing for all.

When you are giving, you inspire others to give.


It is in our realization of who we are that we are inspired.

It is in our awakening to our desire to make a difference, that we are inspired.

It is in our discovery that we have unlimited value, that we are our inspired.

We stay inspired by being fully alive and realizing the gift we are.


Without you, we would be incomplete.

You matter…. your works, your imagining, your actions all make a differing.

When you live with inspired consciousness, you are the inspiration you seek.

When you allow love in, you know you are the One You Seek.


Let us all stay inspired to inspire one another.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue