Saturday, November 06, 2021

Give Love!


I remember Love is the Answer.

I realize Loving others is Loving myself.

I give Love because I can with no loss to myself.

Love shows me how to feel really Good everyday.

Love the Ones You Are With!

Wherever you are, extend Love.

Whatever you are doing, give Love.

However you are thinking, remember Love.

Love guides, heal, provides and succeeds.

Love does not fail us.

In times of crisis, Love brings calm.

In times of pain, Love soothes.

In times of sickness, Love heals.


In times of lack, Love fills us up.

In times of sorrow, Love brings sweetness. 

In times of uncertainty, Love leads the way.

Love offers everything we want.


It is time to stop the regret and neglect.

It is right to stop blaming and complaining.

It is good to stop the self pity and despise.

Love will provide when we forgive.

Love the ones you are with.

Begin by forgiving yourself.

Learn to forgive and love again.

Choose to erase what is wrong and see what is right.

Forgive the mistakes and teach only Love.

Undo what is not true and lasting and good.

Delete what you don’t want to repeat.

Realize Love is the right response!

Remember to love them for they do now know.

Recognize we all do the best we know to do.

Realize we are all in this together learning and healing.

Return to Love everyday with everyone.

Love is being kind and compassionate.

Love is flowing positive energy and help.

Love is judging no one for their ignorance.

Love is being willing and open to listen.

Take gentle time with the children and the elders.

Take listening time with those who think they know.

Take reassuring time with the fearful and the angry.

Take healing time for the wounded and the needy.

Above all take time to Love You.

The Love within you is guiding you to give Love no matter what.

When you remember to Love, you restore your faith, hope and courage.

When you Love those around you, they remember to Love as well.

Loving you for Loving, 

Betty Lue