Sunday, November 07, 2021

What Are You Looking For?


I change what I seek until what I want is my reality.

I look for the Good in all things until I see it is so.

Where I seek and attend is what I grow.

I am always looking for what is beneficial for all.  

See below how to create and attract what you want!

Which Way Are You Looking?

Are you looking up to the skies or down to the earth?

Are you looking toward the sunlight or into the shadows?

Do you look for what seems to real or what is not yet seen?

Do you watch for what is right or what seems to be wrong?

We seem to find what we seek.

We look until we find what we are looking for.

Scientists do research to prove they are right.

Children keep looking for what they know must be true.

How about you?

When you have an idea about what must be, do you not seek until it is your reality?

When you want to see what you know must be true, don’t you look for it until you find it is?

When you are buying a car of a certain make and model, don’t you see it everywhere?

It is the nature of the mind to look for what we will find.

When you think you are sick, you will look for symptoms it is so.

When you believe something is true, you will find evidence it is true.

When you say you are ugly or poor, you will make it so in your mind.

When you look down, you will feel you are emotionally “down”.

When you look up, you will feel more emotionally “up”.

When you want to feel sad, you will find thoughts, words and experiences that make it so.

What you want to feel, you will make “real”.

The habits of emotion come from what is familiar to us.

We develop patterns of looking and listening to make it feel true.

Pay attention to your thoughts, your imaginings, your words and activities.

Become aware of what you look for to continue feeling what you are comfortable feeling.

Change your mind to change your experience.

Change your perception to change your feelings.

Change your focus to change your perceptions.

Change your external stimuli to change your inner feelings.

Assuming you want the positive, LOOK UP!

Assuming you want to feel good, watch and listen to inspiring positive music, videos, books and stories.

Assuming you want to be well, observe what is healing and healthy and wholesome in you and others.

Assuming you want health, happiness and prosperity, seek what is healthy, happy and prosperous in you.

If it sounds too easy, be willing to watch how others have what they want: They Look for it!

Look toward the future and not toward the past. 

Keep changing your habits of mind until you have what you want.

Use your thoughts and imaginings, your words and stories, your activities and what you do.

What you really want can come true!

When you are true to you, you will attract what you want!

Betty Lue

Make written Lists: 

What I want in  my ideal work!

What I want in my ideal relationship!

What I want in my ideal home!

What I want in my ideal life!

Become what you want to be !

And you will attract what you want to do and what you want to have!