Friday, November 05, 2021

Choose Your Feelings!


I feel clear and sure and stable.

I feel open and willing and trusting.

I feel loving and wise and giving.

I feel kind and honest and true.

Feelings Follow!

Do you let your feelings lead or follow?

Do you trust your feelings as your guide?

Do you allow negative feelings to be right?

Are you willing to change your feelings?

Some use their feelings to do what they do.

If they feel bad, they behave badly.

It they feel tired, they give up.

If they feel uptight, they act angry.

Some confuse their feelings with Who and What they are.

They say to themselves “I am sad” or “I am resentful.”

They forget that emotions are merely energy we have named.

They claim the feelings as their own and live them as truth.

We have feelings which are a momentary experience unless we get stuck.

Feelings are energy moving through us as easily as winds that blow or a breath.

Feelings are guided by our thoughts which are ours to choose.

When we change our thinking, we change what we feel.

We are responsible for our experiences.

We choose the feelings we would have and experience them as we have decided.

Our unconscious choices are powerful, perhaps more than conscious because we are unaware.

When we have habits of thinking and habits of emoting, we may not know that we have chosen.

The programming we all carry is powerful.

The beliefs we have can feel absolutely true.

The unconscious desire for the familiar can feel overwhelming. 

We will gravitate to thoughts that predict what will be our emotional experience.

We assume that loss will cause upset and grief.

We may predict that guilt will be created by wrong-doing.

We often judge that all feelings are innate and true.

We may need to experiment with new thoughts to generate difference feelings.

Depending on the family system, culture, religious beliefs and experiences, everyone feels differently.

Each individual develops their own loving responses or fear-based reactions to life experiences.

Some people get habituated to certain emotions attached with thoughts, beliefs and situations.

There are no “normal” emotional responses which are customary, since everyone chooses differently.

How you respond to your feelings depends on your thoughts, beliefs and choices.

What you feel may signal the need to attention and care.

What you feel may indicate a need to act, move or create.

What you feel may invite you to reflect, meditate or pray.

Attend to your feelings by responding in the way that seems helpful and appropriate.

Listen to your feelings to understand what you are thinking and believe.

Honor your feelings as a way to respect, understand and love yourself.

Express the feelings you prefer in light of your current desired experience. 

Remember you have feelings and thoughts, reactions and response.

You are not your feelings and thoughts.

You can choose what you think.  (Affirmations are useful.)

You can choose what you feel.  (Feelings follow even unconscious thinking.)

Good to observe, ponder and explore your feelings.

Loving all of life’s expressions, 

Betty Lue