Friday, October 01, 2021

Change Your Mind

If you want to learn more about using affirmations successfully, ask me please!


I easily release what is not whole, loving and true.

I change my mind with ease and grace.

I celebrate my willingness to undo what is not good for me.

I am strong in believing and creating what is highest and best for all.

Time to Change Your Mind!

Thoughts create.

Your thinking, conscious and unconscious, has created where you are.

Your thinking, positive and negative, has conceived what you have.

Your choices, worldly and spiritual, has given you what you experience.

Is it time for a change?

Begin to affirm what you prefer.

Say it with positive affirmation.

Write it as your positive prescription.

When you say and write what you choose to experience, you will learn to believe it.

What we conceive and believe without doubt, we achieve…sometimes quickly!

When we actually live without doubting and worrying, we flow into our self-created reality.

When we appreciate our creations with enjoyment, we expand our creative ability.

Changing our mind is fun, safe and easy.

Undoing what was an error or unwanted is fun, safe and easy.

Letting go of doubt, worry and fear is fun, safe and easy.

All creations and mis-creations are merely practicing our own use of the mind.

When we do not know what we want, create like a child.

Allow freedom and trust to flow through you with innocence and joy.

Just go for what seems fun and see the outcome without attaching to it.

Notice how quickly you can let go of the past and choose again for the joy of creation.

Life gives us unlimited opportunities to learn from each moment and encounter.

It is our judgment of our creations and experiences that causes us to limit or stop the flow.

When we can easily forgive and erase our judgments, the flow opens again for unlimited creativity.

We are here to practice the unlimited ability of the mind and its thinking.

God is the Mind with which I think.

God is the Love in which I forgive.

God is the strength in which I trust.

There is no journey but to walk with God.  

Lessons from A Course in Miracles.

When I turn my life over to the Highest Good, I am guided in what I think, forgive and trust.

When I let go of limiting worldly learning and programmed thinking, I am free.

When I forgive ways I have judged and am open to unlimited possibility, I choose again.

When I am strengthened by trusting in the Highest Good for all, I am safe as I play in the world.

Life is play.

I am the natural innocent child.

I believe Love and Joy and Peace are my inheritance.

I let go and live in freedom and in trust.

Loving us all in letting go and trusting in Goodness and Love.

Betty Lue