Saturday, October 02, 2021

Be True to You!


I love myself and live my truth.

I give what I have been given to share.

I inspire myself when I am free and trusting in me.

I always and easily listen within to the Love I Am.

Be True to Yourself!

There is no one like you.

You are an integral piece of whole.

Without your part, we are incomplete.

Step forward in faith and live your Peace.

Time to stop and listen within.

Time to let go of playing small.

Time to forgive what you call mistakes.

Time to live as though your life matters…..because it does!

When we limit ourselves, we are not happy and free.

When we judge ourselves, we cannot be what we are meant to be.

When we wait until invited, we may wait until all is lost.

When we set aside our hopes and dreams, talents and gifts, we may forget.

Time to be true to YOU!

You are the only one who knows you.

If you have forgotten who you are, get acquainted.

If you have neglected to listen to yourself, get still and listen.

There is a voice in you that needs to be heard.

There is a song in you that longs to be sung.

There is a dream in you that hopes to be lived.

There is a place in you waiting for you to go for it!.

Take time, just a little time, to love you today.

Give yourself a moment to quietly be with you.

Show yourself a little love and self respect right now.

Talk to yourself in a way that honors and values you.

This life is your gift to remember Who You Are.

This time is your time to listen to Why You Came.

This breath you breathe is for you to Live Your Dreams.

This Holy Instant is your call to step into Your Truth.

Loving you is the most natural place to go.

Remember to Love You and you will be amazed.

Remember to listen to You and you will be guided.

Remember to free You and you will feel safe with You.

Loving you as you Love You!

Betty Lue