Saturday, September 18, 2021

Your Life Counts


I turn on the lights and love is what I see.

I open my eyes to the beauty in me.

I clear the fear and recognize the love in me.

Let’s count all our blessings and rejoice.

Everything Counts

Begin to look at your life as a journey of awakening.

The more awake you are, the more you notice.

The more aware you are, the more you can see.

The more you see, the more you can heal.

What is revealed can be seen in the light.

What is seen can be appreciated.

What you observe, you can learn from.

What you learn helps create the next steps.

When you criticize what you see, it stays in your mind.

What you judge and compare, you tend to get stuck with.

When you try to analyze and figure out, you rework in your mind.

What you hang on to in your memory, becomes a negative space.

Our work is to clear the fear and judgment.

Our work is to lift up the clouds of darkness.

Our mission is to see from a higher place.

We can see things as lessons when we turn on the light.

An enlightened mind enjoys the learning.

An open mind us willing to see clearly.

Our willingness to trust in what is brings peace.

Our patience in life’s journey opens our eyes to see the blessings.

There are those who seem to lift us up to a higher point of view.

There are some who lead us to live a wiser and better way.

There are a few who inspire us to walk taller and be wiser.

When we find ourselves seeing and being better, let us celebrate.

Count your blessings.

Be pleased with your gifts.

Honor the kindnesses of everyone.

Respect the Goodness you feel and share.

Acknowledge the simple moments of peace.

Appreciate the sweet places of beauty.

Value what has heart and meaning for you.

Share what is sacred in all you say and do.

Life is a journey of awakening.

The more we show up, the more we can see.

When we live here and now, we know what can be.

Live life as though everything counts,…..because it does.

I see You….and I see the Love in all I see.

Betty Lue