Sunday, September 19, 2021

Open and Willing


I am open and willing to see the Light in me.

I am open and willing to know Who I Am.

I am open and willing to share the Goodness I have.

I am open and willing to live the Love in my Soul.

Open and Willing for Goodness Sake.

I am open and willing to see Good.

I am open and willing to be Good.

I am open and willing to know Good.

I am open and willing to have Good….for Goodness Sake.

What if we only need to get out of the way to experience the Good we seek.

What if we are standing in our own way without our awareness.

What if our real task is to stop blocking, judging and negating.

What if we really can allow all Good and only Good to flow to us and thru us.

Could it be, we have been holding up a “”Stop” sign when it is time to walk across the street.

Could it be, we are own green light allowing us to go where we really want to be.

Could it be, we have allowed judgment and fear, uncertainty and doubt, to keep us waiting.

Could it be, we have been saying “NO” or “Maybe” or “Not Yet”?

How about affirming…..

  • I am ready for Goodness to befall on me.
  • I am open for my inheritance of happiness.
  • I am willing to receive what is right and true.
  • I say YES to the Best I Am here to be. 

Let today be your day to say YES to yourself.

Affirm your dreams are awakening in you.

Turn off the alarm clock and get ready to live fully.

See the goodness and beauty in you and around you.

Remind yourself…

  • It is safe to be happy.
  • It is fun to love it all.
  • It is easy to let go of all resistance.
  • It is good to follow your call.
  • It is OK to enjoy each moment.
  • It is peaceful to forgive everyone.
  • It is right to be true to yourself.
  • It is healthy to live your best.
  • It is wise to listen within.

Write your life script in the way that pleases you.

Speak words of kindness to expand your willing heart.

Give beautiful healing blessings to remind you of your wholeness.

Remember the Love in You and Return to your natural state of Holiness.

Life is a gift we give to ourselves.

Betty Lue