Friday, September 17, 2021

Guides and Heroes


I choose wisely and respect the choices I make.

I respect those who live the same values I have.

I listen to what inspires, encourages and guides my life.

I focus on what is good for me and let the rest go.

Who Do You Admire?

When you admire someone or something, you tend to become more like them.

What you admire, you tend to live their values, accomplishments and/or choices.

Those you admire may have a strong influence on how and what you choose in life.

Those we admire and respect we look to for guidance and positive examples.

To recognize who you emulate, pay attention to what choices you make.

Children copy their parents and those they identify as role models.

You will be most influenced by those you talk with, think about and associate with.

When you want to know where you are going, you can look at your past associations.

Energy flows with your feelings. 

Be aware of what inspires you.

Be aware of what scares you.

We all have something to learn from both attraction and repulsion.

What you focus on and are curious about tends to show you where you have something to learn.

You can learn what isn’t good and doesn't work for you, just as easily as what is good and does work.

When you understand you are learning by association, you can choose what you want to learn.

Your respectful relationships will help teach and guide you in the direction you choose is best.

Notice what you read and whom you read about.

Notice what TV shows and movies your watch.

Observe what and whom you talk about.

Listen to your own thoughts about people and their lives.

You are always telling on yourself.

Your story is in the gossip and stories you tell.

Your choices are in what you validate, admire and respect.

Your guidance and conscience are in what you criticize, disrespect and put down.

Remember that your life tells you what you value.

When you value drama, you will experience drama.

When you value peace, you will experience peace.

Our values create what we experience.

You can change your experience by changing your values.

You can change your future by changing your role models and heroes.

You can change your choices by changing where you spend your time, energy and money.

If there is something you want to be different, begin by changing your association.

If you like your life and the choices you make, validate, admire and respect your self.

If you dislike your life and your choices, change your associations and heroes and guides.

You can forgive and delete what does not work and choose again.

Spend no energy on judging others or yourself, learn and let go.

Become the One You admire and respect.

I learn from you and everyone I encounter,


Betty Lue