Thursday, September 02, 2021

What Do You Have?


I live abundantly because I give abundantly.

I give the best I have and always have more to give.

I share what is given to me, because it is a gift for us all.

Life is for giving and I Am the Gift.

What Do You Need?

What do you have to share?

What do you want to give?

What do you want to receive?

Giving is receiving when you give with gratitude.

When you freely share what you have, you have more to share.

When you give what you want to receive, you will receive what you have given.

When you remember that all your needs are met, you can share abundantly.

When you share fully and joyfully, you will receive more to share.

Live is for giving and you are the gift as well as the giver and receiver.

“It is in giving that we receive.”

How open-hearted are you?

Have you learned to close your heart?

How open minded are you?

Have you learned to close your mind?

What will it take to see how much you have?

What do you need to release to recognize your life of abundance?

How willing are you to remember what is true?

How much do you care about sharing with your world?

Share your dreams and longing.

Share your joy and profound gratitude.

Share your ideas for building a better life.

Share your good fortune or insights and loves.

Give hope and encouragement in your conversations.

Give your ideas and insight and inspiration.

Give your time to listen and connect with others.

Give your smiles and appreciation with your words and your deeds.

There is always more to share and more ways to care.

There is always another day to remember to say and to show your Love.

There is always time to share a meal, bake a cake or sit down and talk.

There is always a way we can join with loved ones afar with letters and calls.

Be willing to give and you will see there is plenty.

Get over your guilt for holding on to what is “yours”.

Show others how to say “please” and “Thank You”.

Receive what is given you with full hearted gratitude.

Teach everyone to share and there will always be enough for us all.

Loving us all, as we learn to love with freedom and trust.

Betty Lue