Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Use Your Resources Well!


I Am an ever-renewing Spirit.

I Am living the Highest Truth I know.

I Am Love here to teach Love as I remember the Love I Am.

I Am All I choose to be and live everyday with everyone.

Make Space & Take Time!

This is another opportunity to live your dreams.

This is another moment to fulfill your purpose.

This is another way to find your passion.

This is your day to begin once again.

Can you believe it?

You can make your life matter to you every day.

You can create your dreams coming true another way.

You can free yourself from all limiting beliefs and blocks.

Can you see it?

Make the time and space to see what you desire.

Give yourself the gift of being present with yourself.

Eliminate the distractions, detours, delays and disappointments.

This is your year and your time and your life.

You belong first to yourself.

You are the visionary, the pioneer and explorer.

You are the student and the teacher within your life.

Make time to stop and listen within.

Even five minutes a day will change your life.

Sit with no distraction, eyes closed and breathe.

Ask yourself what you really want and write it all down.

Daily practice listening to what your inner Self, Higher Truth, your Spirit Guide is saying to you.

You must write down what you hear to remember what is within you or you will forget or erase it all.

Pay attention to the voice and the messages that are loving, supportive, kind and encouraging.

Forgive and erase any negative messages coming from your EGO=Edging God and Goodness Out!

Make space in your mind, your home and world, allowing new possibilities to inspire you.

Clean your closets and clear your mind.

Empty out all that is unnecessary and unwanted, not useful or helpful

Everything you have acquired becomes a burden and distraction as soon as you no longer use it for Good.

Time and Space are a gift we give ourselves to learn and grow, heal and know what is truly Good.

Everything has the value we give it and live it, share it and receive it.

When the field lies empty and the home is full of stuff, it, it no longer is being fulfilled in its purpose.

We are stewards of our time and space here, with a call to share it all for the Good of all.

Let us open up our minds and our lives to think with Love, speak with Love and act with Love.

We are the ones who can change our world as we change our own minds and lives.

Loving you and me and all, 

Betty Lue