Friday, September 03, 2021

Take Care of You!


I forgive myself for ignoring or neglecting my self.

I give my best to myself and to others every day in every way.

I respect the gifts I have been given and use them well.

I honor the gift of life and take impeccable care of my whole self.

Take Care of You

It is your responsibility to take care of You!

When you are old enough to know better, it is time to do better.

When you know what to do to take care of you, it is time to be good to you.

When you know what is not good to do, it is your job to stop.

Eat right and sleep enough.

Get plenty of fresh air and exercise.

Learn well with good study habits.

Do all your work with the best you have.

Do you know what is the best food and the right amount for you?

Have you ever created a food journal to see what gives you good energy?

Do you know that food is your fuel and gives you energy rather than takes energy?

Do you recognize food that makes you sleepy is not the right food or right amount for you?

Do you sleep enough to have energy for your daily activities?

Do you sleep too hot or without fresh air or not enough hours?

Do you go to sleep easily when you are tired or do you eat to try to stay awake?

Do you have a regular bedtime habit which makes sleep easy and natural?


Are you willing to go for a walk or spend time outside in fresh air and sunshine daily?

Do you understand that natural living gives us what we need to stay healthy?

Can you create a different schedule or lifestyle to eat, sleep, play and work in healthy ways?

At least once a year, stop and re=evaluate what is highest and best for you.

Stop excusing lazy behaviors and destructive habits.

Give yourself the care you would a new baby

Pay attention to what works for you naturally.

Allow yourself to come first with your attention.

When you take impeccable care of you, you will take good care of others, too.

When you are negligent in self care, you may not be good for your children or partner.

When you do not Love you well, you may not realize how much your well being is essential to others.

When you take care of others first, you may be resentful they do not take care of you!

It is our right and responsibility to care for ourselves.

We can only be our best or give our best when we have taken good care of ourselves.

We must learn that our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being is our gift to everyone.

When we have loved ourselves, our true Self, we can genuinely love others.

We are given this life as a gift to be lived well.

We are given a body to use for healthy purposes.

We are given a mind to be used to learn and create.

We are given emotional energy to be used to love and care.

We are here to live life abundantly.

We are here to utilize all the innate gifts we have for our own good and the good of others.

Let us be good stewards of our whole life.

Let us be good caregivers of our selves, our families, our home and work and our world.

This is our holy healthy healing function.

Loving us all as we awaken and remember to be responsible for it all.

Betty Lue