Saturday, September 04, 2021

Wake Up Easily!


I always choose what is Good for me.

I am awake, aware and enthusiastic about life.

I prefer to be the chooser in my life.

I take full responsibility for what I experience.

Wake Up Now!

What will it take to wake up and live?

What will it take to stop what is not good?

What will it take to be wholly responsible?

What will it take to be the one who forgives?

You have another chance to choose again every moment.

You can change what is not working instantly.

You can free yourself from suffering emotionally.

You can choose to let go of whatever is not right for you.

We can wait for drama or disaster before we wake up.

We can avoid, deny and even close our minds to what is good.

We can ignore and neglect, and never respect our choices.

Or we can forgive right now and choose again to change it all!

It takes so little to correct our wrongs.

It requires a choice to release what is unhealthy.

We can immediately erase and forgive with love.

We can undo what no longer is right and true.

Make today the day to choose again.

Make right what was wrong with family or friend.

Stay true to the path that inspires and encourages you.

Be willing to give today your best in thought, word and deed.

You can do whatever you put your mind to.

You must be awake and aware to know what is right for you.

You must stop the negligent habits that keep you sleeping through life.

You can be the one to change it all for the good of all ……just choose!

Are you willing to respond with love?

Are you open to release the fear?

Are you going to take charge and change your life?

Are you showing up and paying attention and speaking up for change?

Wake up with expectation for Good.

Show up with an open mind and compassionate heart.

Give attention to what is right and good and true.

Speak up with encouragement, appreciation and love.

This is the way you change your mind, your life and your world.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue