Monday, September 20, 2021

Are You Happy?

Full Moon Today at 4:54 PDT


I am willing to be happy.

I choose to think, speak and act with joy and gratitude.

I trust my inner happiness sustains my life, my light and my love.

I quickly forgive and release unhappy thoughts, words and activities.

What Are You Doing Today?

Your life depends on you being happy.

You happiness depends on you choosing positive thoughts, words and interactions.

You are a gift to your world, so give your happiness.

Give yourself the gift of true and natural happiness.

Give the feelings of happiness to your mind and body.

Bring happiness to your home and your family.

Share happiness with your workplace and the work you do.

Appreciate happiness you see and feel in others.

What we give attention to will naturally grow and expand.

When we find happiness in ourselves and others, enjoy it.

When we see happiness being shared, appreciate it.

We are here to share, value and expand the happiness we know.

If there is withholding of love, we will feel unhappy.

If we are not happy with ourselves, we may feel sick.

If we are jealous of others’ happiness, we deny ourselves.

If you focus on unhappiness, we encourage unhappiness.

We are simply creating what we seek.

When we seek what is wrong, we see what needs our correction.

When we seek what is sad and suffering, we find what needs comfort and healing.

When we seek what is beautiful, peaceful and happy, we find what we seek.

Life constantly re-imagines itself in its own likeness and image.

We continuously are re-creating what we “think” we want.

Changing our focus changes the channel.

Our view of the world and our life is a product of our own thoughts and feelings.

Seeking to be happy is the first step to choosing happiness.

When we choose to be happy, we remember a picture of being happy.

When we remember an experience, real or imagined, we initiate the feeling.

When we feel happy, we remember our natural state is true happiness.

What are you willing to do for yourself today?

Are you open and willing to be happy first?

Are you open to share your happiness wherever you go?

Being happy is your gift to your world!

I love you and me, when I share my happiness!

Betty Lue