Thursday, September 16, 2021



I quiet my personal opinions, judgments and fear, and listen to the voice for Love.

I forgive all obstacles to the awareness of Love’s Presence.

My mind automatically erases all that is not wholly Loving.

I listen within to Inner Guidance for direction.

How Do You Decide?

How are you inspired?

Do you listen within?

Do you follow your heart?

Do you trust in Spirit, inner guidance or Higher Power?

Decisions can be made by emotion or feeling.

They can be made by committee, consensus or popular vote.

Decisions can be made by rationale or scientific analysis.

They can be made by spiritual wisdom and inner guidance.

By whatever name or voice, there is an inner guidance system.

You might call  is an innate conscience or voice, a guiding light.

Each of us have that original connection from which we have come.

When we stay in touch, listening, and trusting, we know what is right.

It is impossible to decide by ourselves.

We can pretend to know all the facts.

We can ask our friends for advice.

We can follow our emotions of fear or love.

When we choose based on fear, our decisions are limiting and defensive.

When we choose based on love, our decisions are healing and creative.

When we choose from our own limiting point of view, we see with obstructed view.

When we choose with forgiveness and open-mindedness, we see, feel and hear things differently.

We have selective perception and selective remembering according to our beliefs and attachments.

We tend to follow the path most traveled and the judgments most remembered.

We see things that we believe have been true and believe they will continue to be so.

We decide based on our judgments, defensiveness and coping tools.

We can return to a natural state of “innocence” or “inner sense.”

We can experience a new perspective based on erasing what was or seemed to be.

We can see things differently and choose again for a new way of being and relating.

We can influence others and our world with out willingness to decide always for the Highest Good.

Forgive and you will see things differently.

Erase the past and you will see a new future.

Clear up what was uncertain and you will have new vision.

Be open and willing to see with an enlightened mind.

With spiritual principles guiding you way, you will seek what is best for all.

With commitment to the highest Good and inner listening you will respond with what is Good and Right.

With deep desire for what you really want, you will receive what is Whole and True and Loving.

Trust in your inner sense, listen within and respond with peace and gratitude.

Trusting in our Higher Vision and Open Heart and Creative Mind.

Betty Lue