Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Freedom and Justice


I trust in Love and I Am Free.

I free my whole Self to be All I really Am.

I love myself unconditionally with no end.

I remember I am Love, here to Love.

Freedom and Justice for You

Have you granted yourself freedom to be?

Are you just with yourself in how you treat you?

Do you give yourself the freedom to do and have what you want?

Are you serving a life sentence, paying penance for some mistake you made?

Can you set yourself free without doing harm?

Can you make amends to right any wrongs?

Do you pardon yourself for what has hurt you?

Are you willing to grant yourself amnesty?

Where you judge others, you are judging yourself.

Where you are limiting others, you are limiting yourself.

When you are allowing your own freedom, you are freeing others.

Where you are forgiving your own criticism and restriction, you are releasing humanity.

Consider how you can forgive your own mistakes.

Look for how easily you can release the duties, obligations, threats and demands you place on yourself.

Ask yourself what your life will be when you are truly free.

Give yourself permission to explore the limitless possibilities of really being alive.

Our judge and jailer is ourselves.

The one who imposes limitations on us is the one we live with.

The restrictions and criticism we experience comes from within.

What we see and hear and feel outside is actually an inside job.

Letting go is key.

Undoing the past will free us.

Relinquishing all attack brings peace.

Removing all barriers to fully living Love is our Freedom.

When you are afraid, you hide in the closet of your past.

When you are confused, you get caught in judging right or wrong.

When you depend on others, you are stuck in distrust of yourself.

When you are free to Love, you find a life that is fun, safe and easy.

Take a peek at what life could be when you are free.

Step out of the cage where you keep yourself in captivity.

Smell the fresh air and sun on your face as you breathe new life.

Seize the moment where you know only love in all things.

You are the Source of your freedom and trust.

You are the One who brings Love back to you.

You are the Gift to be fully received by you and for you.

Take a moment to trust in Love.

Love is all that really matters.

Give back your freedom and self-trust to you.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue