Thursday, August 19, 2021

Open to Love


Today I affirm my whole Self in every way.

Today I demonstrate real authentic Love and respect for myself.

Today I teach others how to be responsible and respectful.

Today I live a life I am truly pleased by and proud of.

Today I genuinely Love me.

Love Waits on Welcome

(The quickest way to become Adult is to love yourself well!)

Are you ready to love you?

Are you willing to love you?

Are you open to love you?

Do you know how to love you?

Is it possible we have been nurturing our child to stay a child?

Do we even know how to love ourselves into being an adult?

Is it possible we have been coddling the weak part of ourselves?

Could it be our society does not know what it means to be responsible?

You have two selves essentially.

An adult, rational, capable, responsible, confident Self.

And a childlike, emotional, dependent, insecure little self.

You may have learned to pay attention to the weak and needy one.

Are we taught to give attention help, encouragement to the whining, complaining, unhappy one?

Are we stuck in feeling sorry for and feeding those who seem to be unable or unwilling?

Have we been confused by the beliefs in how good it feels to carry, serve and baby others?

Do we believe love is baby talk, pampering, advising and smothering others with attention?

Therapists, doctors, caregivers, nurses, mothers often are taught to create dependence.

Our helping profession often fosters dependence on them for help, guidance and direction.

Non-profit agencies, the government welfare and unemployment agencies may not know a better way.

When our society is economically based on caring for those who are sick and needy, it weakens.

We need to care about others needs for education, right livelihood, health care to strengthen society.

We can begin to foster independence, being rational, responsible, respectful and confident.

We can teach, model and inspire people of all ages and abilities to do for themselves.

We can demonstrate and provide safe quality whole life education with practical and effective methods.

We can offer people work opportunities where they receive benefits. 

We can give people clear choices to thrive rather than survive day to day.

We already provide food, shelter, water, health care and education to most folks.

But we often fail to teach how to use what we have with respect and responsibility.

When people receive or gifts from parents, government, non-profits, are they taught to give back?

When people receive an education, are they expected to get a job?

When people get a License, are they taught to drive carefully?

When people reach 18-21, are they expected to live on their own as adults?

We don’t need governmental rules or handouts to accomplish creating responsible adults.

We need responsible parents, teachers, caregivers and people to teach by example.

We need all of us to step up and correct our fear-based nurturing.

We need to do everything we can do for ourselves, our families, our community and world.

When we think in terms of what we cannot do, we will not believe we can do for ourselves.

When each one of us changes how we think, speak and treat ourselves and others, things will change.

When we encourage, strengthen, affirm, and create positive opportunities, everyone will benefit.

When we ourselves become self sufficient, confident and capable, others will learn from us.

It is time to grow up, to become all we believe we can be and more.

It is time to take responsibility for ourselves and our lives and empower ourselves.

It is time to think, speak and act in positive and beneficial ways to build a better world.

It is time to start today to practice what we know will work for one and all.

One day at a time.

You are unlimited and totally capable of giving and doing your best to you everyday.

Affirming “You Can”, when you think and say and behave like “You Can!”

Betty Lue