Friday, August 20, 2021

Give With Joy


I no longer dare to compare, evaluate and expect more.

I give my best with Joy.

I receive the Good I give with gratitude.

I appreciate unconditional giving and receiving.

I now give simply to enjoy freely giving.

Sacrifice Does Not Work! – Give With Joy!

Take care of yourself first.

Be able to respond and give with love.

Never give at the expense of your own well being.

When you give expecting to get, you may be disappointed.

Giving is not martyring yourself.

Bargaining or exchange is “giving to get” something in return.

Real Love does not give to get.

Loving with condition is not really loving, it is exchange.

Learn to give with gratitude and Joy.

Joyful giving occurs when we are full of joy and gratitude.

When I have, I give with joy and gratitude.

When I give freely, I am sharing what I have.

Giving with expectations of return is not a gift.

Giving freely is giving and receiving from the gift being given.

When we take impeccable care of ourselves, we are full of love to share.

When we are loving ourselves, our love is shared easily, naturally and freely.

The “set up” in relationships is to measure and evaluate who gives what and how much.

The expectation to have others give what you want to get, is fraught with potential resentment.

The sacrifice or martyring of one’s time, money and energy leads to guilt and resentment.

When the recipient feels they are not giving their “fair share”, they feel inadequate and less than.

When people feel guilty about not giving what you want, they withdraw or blame.

Guilt rarely creates healthy apology and change in behavior.

Guilt usually generates avoidance, withdrawal, withholding or blame, resentment and rejection.

Making another feel guilty is a form of attack.

Be clear and concise when you want something from someone else.

When you want to give and get, negotiate what is fair for both.

When you want an exchange of time, money and energy, explicit with your request.

“I want….. and I am willing to…………” 

“What do you want and what are you willing to……?”

When you give from pure joy of giving, be clear it is a gift from your heart.

When you give, because you want something in exchange, be honest in your sharing.

Let there be no deception in your or the other if you are giving with expectation of a return gift.

Be willing to share specifically and exactly what you want in return, so neither party is disappointed.

Life can be fair-care-share by being fair with yourself and others as you share how you care.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue