Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Levels of Loving?


Love is my natural state.

Where I am withholding Love, I am called to forgive myself.

When we love, we are happy and at peace.

Love is trust and freedom. Trusting us to free ourselves to be the Love We Are.

Love reminds us that we are Love.

Levels of Love’s Expression

Discover where you are in how you respond with Love.

Observe what you believe about receiving Love.

Learn what you may not know about respecting the gifts of Love.

Acknowledge your willingness to Love as you are called.

In early development, there may be the demands of Love. ( First Level of Giving)

“Love me or else I will reject you or hurt you or not love you.”

When we are threatened or demanded to be loving, we may demand Love in return.

“You better Love me or else I will leave you.”

When love is demanded, we may respond with fear or punishment.

When loss of Love, security, or life is threatened, we may do what is asked from fear.

Demands and threats engender fear which contracts and limits the free flow of Love.

This is requiring Love under duress and is not truly Loving for giver or recipient.

Love can also be a duty or obligation.  ( 2nd Level of Love)

“I have done this for you, now it is your turn to do this for me.”

If you love me, you will”…., creates a sense of guilt or obligation to show Love.

When we give love to get love, we are really bargaining or exchanging love.

Love becomes an investment with an intention to get a return on our investment.

The obligation to show Love or give time or energy, defeats the natural flow of Love’s presence.

When we feel duty bound to do what others ask or demand of us, there may be resistance or resentment.

We can change obligatory Love into the trust and freedom of Love, when we see the other as ourselves.

When we begin to receive the Love we give, we realize we are giving to ourselves.

Love is Trust and Freedom is the state of Unconditional Love. ( 3rd Level of Love’s Expression)

I love you without demand or expectation.

I love you without the need to get anything in return.

I love you for the sheer pleasure and joy of loving.

Love is not an emotion, but rather a choice to simply give you the best of me.

Love is the opportunity to flow all of Who I AM, because I free myself to be my Self.

Love is the space in which I come to know the Essence of you and I are the same.

Love is the opportunity to share the gift I Am and recognize the Gift in you.

The Fourth Level of Giving Love is “SERVICE”

True service is serving Us.  “Serve-Us

When we recognize, every act of Love serves the Good of All, we know true Service.

When we realize we cannot really give without receiving the Gift, we know the limitlessness of Love.

When we serve one, we serve ourselves.

When we serve One, we serve God.

When serve One, we serve all.

When we serve One, we serve the One.

Loving us as we love One and all, 

Betty Lue