Thursday, August 05, 2021

Loving You!


I love, trust, respect and appreciate myself.

I forgive myself for denying what is truly best for me.

Everything I give is given to myself.

I now receive all Good and give all Good to all.

I delight in the life I have created for myself.

Are You Loving You?

Your whole life is your responsibility.

Your care is up to you.

Your emotional and physical well being is yours to do.

You are here to Love You!

When you are loving you well, you can love others well.

When you are caring for you, you have the energy to care for others.

When you are healing your own past wounds, you have the wisdom to help others heal.

When you are treating yourself as a precious gift of goodness, you will treat others with loving kindness.

It may have been learned loving you was selfish.

It is unwise to expect others will love you back and take care of you, when you deplete yourself.

When you are truly loving you in the most sincere ways, you will overflow with love for others.

When you are sacrificing and martyring yourself for others, your giving will not be without guilt. 

Loving your whole Self keeps your covenant with your Source.

Loving you is a reminder for others’ to love themselves well.

Loving you keeps you whole and undistracted to fully love without need or expectation.

Loving you makes you more aware of how all humanity needs to learn what is true Love.

Loving you is obvious and easy if you have been well loved from birth.

Loving you is uncertain and difficult, if your parents did not love themselves well.

Loving you must be learned from the wakeup calls and signals you receive in life.

Loving you is an art form in observation and active response to what is needed.

Loving you requires the need to balance your life with inspiration, productivity, gratitude and peace.

Loving you invites you to remember your vehicle (body), your knowledge (mind), your passion (emotion) and your calling (Spirit).

Loving you asks that you listen well to the needs, both obvious and subtle of your whole being.

Loving you is a gift of wellness, prosperity and joy to you and all you encounter.

Disease, disaster, depression, divorce and death are all wakeup calls.

We are here to enjoy being here with the fullness of being alive.

When we deplete ourselves with lack of love for the One we are, we cannot enjoy the abundance.

When we exhaust ourselves with worry and fear, judgment and defensiveness, we cannot receive Good.

Life requires that we receive first to be able to authentically give.

We must be receptive to the flow of Goodness and Wisdom, Love and Light within.

We must prime our own pump to receive the wellspring of all things True,  Whole and Loving.

We must open the flow by letting go of our heaviness, resistance, resentments and lack of Self Love.

Let us be willing to undo what no longer serves and loves us well.

Let us begin today in a whole new way to truly nurture and nourish the One within.

Let us laugh at the sun and delight in the moon and live life with total gratitude for today.

Let us love ourselves into well being one day at a time.

Loving you for loving you!

Betty Lue