Friday, August 06, 2021

Change Your Mind!


I let go of what no longer serves my happiness and peace.

I undo unhealthy habits with forgiveness and gratitude.

I use my mind for positive and helpful purposes.

I think, speak and behave in integrity with what I believe is good.

Change Your Mind!

Is your inner tele-vision working?

Are you stuck on the same channel?

Have you forgotten how to change what you see?

Are you willing to get up and change your point of view?

When you get stuck in negative thinking, change the channel.

When you are fixated on guilt or regret, change your thinking.

When we are angry more than a moment, change your viewpoint.

When you are feeling sorry for yourself, change the channel.

We have television as a facsimile for the mind.

We used to have only a few channels and now we have hundreds.

We used to get up to change and now we have remotes for changing.

Some channels had static and bad reception and now we mostly see clearly.

What do you want to watch?

How do you want to feel?

What fascinates or teaches you?

What excites, delights or depresses you?

Everything we view through our mind is like a television channel.

We have the privilege and responsibility to change what we don’t like.

We can watch a little or all day.

We can spend years devoted to everyday programming or see something new.

Our mind is ours to use anyway we choose.

We need not keep tuning into what is not good for us.

We need not become addicted to drama or trauma.

We need to have the TV 24/7 distracting us from being present.

What you miss when you watch someone else or somewhere else is what your life gives you.

When we gossip we are tuning into another’s reality show.

When we worry, we are creating a new script for the future.

When we judge, we are complaining about what is not our show.

How can we let go of these habitual distractions?

Turn off or unplug or remove your TV for 30 days.

Notice the withdrawal symptoms and recognize the addiction.

Put aside video games and computer email, twitter and cell phone.

Notice how much time you have to create interest and conversation with your family.

Notice how much you can get done cleaning your house, preparing meals and enjoying meal time.

Notice how your own mind begins to have its own ideas about what you want to be happy.

Notice how much you can hear your own words and tone of voice and behavior.

We can change our mind to something useful, happy, freeing and positive.

We can change our family life by paying attention to where we are needed to be helpful.

We can experience the fun of what we can change with our kindness, respect and love.

We can become the home and family we really want by fully being present with others.

Experiment in eliminating distractions and creating the experience we want to have.

Loving us all in unlearning unhealthy habits.

Betty Lue