Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Wake Up!!


I wake up easily with curiosity and joy.

I love loving and love returns to me.

I learn quickly what works and release quickly what doesn’t work.

I learn my lessons and receive the blessings.

Time to Wake Up!

Look for the Light in your life.

Seek out the Joy.

Look for the Love.

Be Seek Good for Goodness Sake.

Life is a school of learning.

You cannot learn if you are asleep.

You will not learn if you resist.

You won’t see if you don't open your eyes.

Life delivers lessons to learn if we are willing.

Life shows us what we need if we are open.

Life gives us gentle nudges to wake up.

If we still sleep, we are awakened with stronger alarms.

We can stay unconscious to avoid being responsible.

We can lose our way if we don’t look at where we are going.

We can avoid what we don’t want to see and hear and know.

We can blame and criticize, whine and complain, if we refuse to be responsible.

We are here to wake up and grow up.

We are here to stop malingering and be whole.

We are here to live life fully and freely.

We are here to receive the love we give.

Everything is a reminder of what we think and feel.

The world around us is a reflection and projection.

What we want is ours to love, serve and remember.

We cannot lose another day avoiding a good look within.

When we are clear about what we desire, we can simply choose.

When we are willing to be responsible for our lives, we can have it.

When we are open to learning with gratitude and joy, we receive the learning.

When we are curious, delighted and pleased with ourselves, we feel the love within.

There is so much to do and so little, too.

Love in every moment shows us the way.

As we allow the flow to begin, it sweeps us along with gratitude and amazement.

Every person and place is given us to love with ease and grace, simply by loving it all.

What will it take to wake up to our own inner power?

When will humanity be the awakening Spirit which aligns only with Good.

What can you and I do to have the Truth be true?

Let’s wake up and see how it all will can to be …..with Love.

Listen within.

Listen to your heart.

Follow what is Good. 

Life can be fun, safe and easy.

Loving you and all of us in waking up together.

Betty Lue