Monday, May 11, 2020

What’s Happening?

I hold thoughts only for the healing of all.
I trust in the power of positive prayer.
I know what is Good will be revealed.
I believe forgiveness clears the way for Goodness, Healing and Love.

What Is Happening?

Is life happening to you? Or for You?
Are you the victim or at the chooser?
How do you take it on with gratitude or complaint?
Are you responding with Love or reacting with fear?

We all must decide what it will be.
With one attitude we are afraid and defensive.
With another attitude we are grateful and excited.
Take your time to check in with your heart and mind.

Seek what you will to be.
Let you align with the good you see.
It is your joy that leads.
It is the faith in you that must proceed.

Look for the right outcome.
Consider what you can do.
Learn from whatever you choose.
Consider how to stop what confuses.

You are here to play life right.
To win and enjoy will bring you light.
Your energy and attitude matters.  
Your beliefs, thoughts and feelings matter.

Think and feel the outcome you desire.
Forgive and erase the possible doubt you hold.
Learn to let go and rely on what you know.
Life yields life and joy begets joy.

Be grateful for what you are trusting in being. 
Love and cherish what you are empowering.
Hold true to what you desire and deserve.
Know with all your heart Love prevails.

When we embolden what is not, it only appears to be.
When we encourage what is real, it makes itself known.
What we see is what we conceive and believe.
What we undo is what is not real or true.

Believe in the Highest Good and let it be revealed.
Believe that only Love lasts and all else dissolves.
Believe in the power of affirmative prayer if you dare.
Believe forgiving the darkness reveals only the Light,

You will.  You can.  You dare.  You do.
All that is good and true will happen for you.
Betty Lue

It is our time to choose what we want to be. 
For our kids to see; For You and for me.
I encourage us to rewrite our future.
Let’s make better choices with our time and voices.

Trusting us to choose a better way to live and love,
Betty Lue

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