Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother’s Day Reminders

I am remembering Love for the sake of loving.
We, who Love, trust and free others to learn and grow in their own way.
We, who nurture, demonstrate our Love so that others may Love themselves.
We, who mother, remember the sacred sharing and caring in every way that is truly loving.

Mother’s Day Reminders

Let us be thankful for all who nurture and nourish humanity.
Let's be grateful for their prayers, their words and their deeds.
Let us appreciate their cooking, cleaning, serving and smiling!
Let us remember each act of compassion and kindness.

Whether man or woman, elder or child, we thank you.
Whether family or stranger, close or far away, we thank you,
Whether we hear your words or feel your love, we thank you.
To all who Love, heal, listen and care, we thank YOU!

Remember the Mothers and Grandmothers.
Remember the nurturers and those who have renewed your body and Spirit.
Remember the ones who have loved you over all your years.
Remember the ones who have taught you and learned from you.
Remember those who care and those who share with you.
Remember the time and resources that has been given to help you.
Remember the ones who have been unnoticed and forgotten.
Say their names and know their hearts receive your love.

Often those who have mothered you have been anonymous.
Often those who are your “real” mothers did not birth you.
Often those who have fed you and cared for you are behind the scenes.
Often those who have consistently loved you are not your biological “mothers” at all.

Remember the ones who have mentored you.
Remember the ones who have taken care of you in infancy childhood.
Remember the ones who are gone from this earth who are loving you still.
Remember the ones who have listened and laughed and believed in you.

So many, many folks have loved us well.
Each one may be in our minds today.
Give them a call of gratitude and love.
Reach out and remember all of them.

Saying their names will inspire you.
Smiling in their remembrance will touch them.
Giving them a moment of your kind appreciation will fill them up.
Touch each one with your profound gratitude for how they loved you.

We are on this earth to remember Love.
We are here to Love one another.
We are here to enjoy the Love we give right now.
We are here to fully receive the Love that has been given to us.

Love sustains us.
Love protects us.
Love provides for us.
Love gives us life.

All who remember Love are the ones who channel Love from one to another.
We are the Love that we learned from all mothers and nurturers.
We are the Love that is imprinted and inherited and is shared with others.
Allow today to be lived in gratitude for what continues to love and nurture through us even now.

“Give Love and let it show.
Give Love and let it grow.
Give Love and your will know.
Doing what comes naturally.”
No matter what, Remember Love.
Betty Lue