Tuesday, January 02, 2018


I choose what is for the Highest Good.
I choose with wisdom and Love.
I choose what feelsl right in my heart.
I choose easily what works.


I choose to be with those who want to be with me.
I never expect others to want to be with me.
I am happy with those who choose to be with me.
I feel valued and value those who choose to be with me.

Do you try to be with those who don’t want to be with you?
Do you set up disappointment by making choices for others?
Do you wish others would want you as much as you want them?
Do you feel unloved when others make different choices than you?

Perhaps it is wise to choose what is best for you and for the other.
Perhaps a happy relationship is choosing what is good for both.
When we are not needy or greedy, we set others free to go their own way.
When we see it is painful to try to be with someone who wants to be free, we let go.

When you believe it is right and fair to restrict others, you will feel limited.
When you obligate others to stay when they want to go, you will feel uncertain.
When you try to get others to be what you want, you may be demanding or use guilt.
When you make yourself the center of importance, you may force others to put your needs first.

Selfishness is a sign of immaturity.
When we are solely self focused, we make our needs most important.
Unselfishness is a sign of maturity.
When we truly want what is best for everyone, we awaken in consciousness.

Much of our culture has a bankrupt emotional back account.
When you have not experienced unconditional love, you may not know what true love means.
When you have never given to another in their way to feel loved, you may not understand how to love.
When you have not received from another your way to feel loved, you may not know unconditional love.

Choose what works for everyone.
You will experience freedom, peace and gratitude.
Choose what is best for your happiness.
You will realize your happiness joy lightens others as well.

Choose peace and you will offer peace.
Your peace will bring peace to other minds.
Choose to forgive what causes upset and conflict.
Clear the way to live in peace, so that you give peace.

Choose with you heart what feels right.
Choose with your mind what you think is best.
Choose with your body what you get is good.
When all three centers line up, you have chosen well.

Choice is a gift of freedom and trust.
I am choosing with love and trust in my mind and heart.
Trusting You,
Betty Lue