Monday, January 01, 2018

Define Your Life

With thoughts, words and actions I define my life Good.
With my words and behavior I speak and live the highest Truth I know.
With every fiber of my being, I live the Love in me.
With the words I share, I truly care about all humanity.

Happy New Year! 


How you define something is the picture you imagine.
How you imagine you envision and begin to create.
How you create with ideas and words held in mind.
How you build the life you have is what you do in life.

It is not what we have, but what we do with what we have.
We can have poverty in our lives and build rich imagery and success.
We can experience harshness and build gentleness and compassion.
We can physical difficulties and become strong intellectually.

Everyone can either use or lose the gifts they have.
Everyone can waste their money and time.
Everyone can find love within to guide their climb.
Life gives us a way to see what our fulfillment can truly be.

If there is something more, a hill to climb or higher score, we have a challenge.
When we enjoy each challenge, we grow stronger and more involved in life.’
When we fear and avoid challenges, we may grow weaker and more detached.
When we choose to engage in life, we seek and find a way to better ourselves everyway.

We can spend our time blaming and shaming or healing and creating.
We can live life feeling sad and bad or positive and glad.
We can use our time to erase the past or recreate it over and over.
We can wonder what else can be or live the same monotony.

Each one has choice to give voice to what they define their life to be.
We can write a story of glory and gratitude or live a tale of trial and tribulation.
When we think we are stuck in the storybook of our past, we can always write a new ending.
We have an opportunity to live in freedom and trust or limitation and doubt.

When you know what happiness for you, imagine letting go of unhappiness.
If you like the contrast and variety, keep on choosing what you want.
If you want more happiness, clear the imaginings of how to be unhappy.
When we learn through trial and error, we are choosing what we have, we can change our lives.W

We can think about it and ask “Why?” over and over, and live in the question.
We can forget about it and let others needs and demands take over.
We can wish and fantasize and dream about “What if?”.
We can step away from old ways and choose a new life with clarity, conviction, commitment and choice.

Our life belongs to us.
We have what we are aware we have.
We can use all or none of what is ours.
We can learn from none or everyone.

Take a risk and choose for you.
Forget your past and make love last.
Seek the light; it’s all right to find delight.
Give your all; feel strong and tall.

Define your life to be healing and helpful, growthful and good.
Loving and always choosing to Love,
Betty Lue