Wednesday, January 03, 2018


I am true to myself.
I do what I say and say what I do.
I am impeccable with my word.
I apologize when I make a mistake.


What is the path of integrity?
How can I live what is true inside of me?
Does my conscience know what is right and wrong?
Are my values working in me and for me?

When we live in alignment with what we believe, we feel content.
When we do what we are called to do, we feel strong and capable.
When we know what if right for us, we can trust ourselves.
When we are willing to be honest with who we are, we choose wisely and well.

When in doubt, take some time to figure out where is our inner conflict.
When we distrust our choice, we need to listen within to our inner voice.
When we are uncertain, we may have a mixture of feelings, ideas and thoughts.
When we trust ourselves, we know our right and Good and wise choice.

Sometimes this requires learning a better way to live.
Sometime this requires stepping away from what others choose.
Sometimes we need to stop conforming to the popular choice.
And we always need to choose for what is best for ourselves.

Integrity is looking and listening within.
Integrity is begin willing to please ourselves.
Integrity is believing what we Know is right.
Integrity is honoring our own dignity and self respect.

And so it is we live in integrity.
And so we choose the energy that comes from integrity.
When we are focused in a singular way, nothing is wasted.
When we live according to our ethics and values, we are One with ourselves.

I write these loving reminders to remind us all to remember Love.
I write these loving reminders to inspire is all to believe in Love.
I write these Loving Reminders to encourage everyone to live in Love.
I write these Loving Reminders to learn the value of Love.

My intention is to remind us all of what we know.
Perhaps we have forgotten.
Perhaps we have been distracted.
Perhaps we have lost our courage.
Perhaps we are lazy and resistant.
Perhaps we simply need to remember.

I encourage you to follow what you know in your heart.
I encourage you to be who you really are here to be and do.
I encourage you to be true to the one is here with you.
Love yourself enough to think, speak, act and live your Truth.

You are worth it.
Betty Lue