Sunday, November 26, 2017


I am a miracle of Love.
Love created me as It Self.
I am here to be loving.
Love is the way I celebrate my Life.

Miracles of Love

Do you see the beauty of the earth
Have you watched the beauty in the skies?
Are you hearing the beauty in natures’ sounds?
Are you receiving the beauty in soothing words?

There is beauty all around us.
We need to look for that which we long.
We must look beneath the media and news.
What we seek we find.

We can seek the beauty in our lives.
We can look for miracles of love.
We can reach beyond the stories of woe.
We can find higher places to go.

Listen to the music.
Look for the color.
Be aware of nature.
Feel the breeze.

Take a walk in the sunlight.
Smell the autumn air.
Taste the freshly baked pastry.
Feel the child’s happy hugs.

Watch the leaves’ colors change.
Notice the bird floating on the wind.
Watch smiles appear and eyes sparkle.
Enjoy the happy sounds of holidays.

Begin to inspire Love.
Share your own miracle stories.
Be open to receive “thanks”.
Smile at yourself.

Appreciate your history.
Celebrate your life.
Value what you create.
Affirm the Good you share.

Miracles come from Love.
Be Love.
Share Love.
Celebrate Love.

Loving us all.
Betty Lue