Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Teach and Learn

Everything I think say and do is teaching all the Universe.
I am learning everything I teach.
I teach in order to remember to learn.
I listen to my words and learn from what I share.

Learn What You Teach

Are you learning what you teach?
Do you listen to what you say?
Are you doing what you tell others?
Do you actively practice what you teach?

We are all teachers.
We are all learners.
Everything we are teaching, we must be learning.
Everything we are learning, we will be teaching.

It is essential that we are messengers of what we practice.
Therefore, it is important to receive our own message first.
When we are living in integrity, we are living what we teach.
When we live our own teaching, we are confident and clear.

When we teach what we value, we are remembering to live our values.
Teaching Forgiveness and Love is essential to remember love and forgiveness.
We become what we teach.
We live what we learn.

Share what is meaningful to you.
With our sharing, we give to others.
With our caring, we care for ourselves.
Everyone benefits from our sharing.

Everything we think and say and do teaches all.
We are teachers of innocence when we forgive.
We are teachers of gratitude when we give thanks.
We are teachers of respect when we are respectful.

Our life is our teaching.
We teach to remind ourselves.
We teach to inspire others.
We teach to create and appreciate.

When we share, we are learning.
When we share, we are remembering.
When we share, we are caring.
When we share, we are reminding all.

Pay attention to what you are sharing.
Be respectful of what you are learning.
Be aware of what you are teaching.
Be mindful of what you are creating.

Receive what you are teaching and learning.
It is always for you.
Loving learning from you and with you.
Betty Lue