Monday, March 06, 2017

Routine Reminders

I am routinely loving you as I love myself and all of us.
I love keeping myself healthy happy and doing good.
My life is an active practice of forgiveness, choice and gratitude.
My routine reminders work for me.

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Build Routine Reminders in Your Life

Everyday in everyway you can have more Goodness in your life.
Build daily Goodness into your life.
Plan your life so that you feel Good.
Prepare each day so you remember Good. 

Routines are Good for you, when they include only remembering good.
Routines can be helpful when they are healthy, healing and wholesome.
Remember routinely to brush your teeth, say your prayers and go to bed on time.
Remembering to include what is healthy is essential when you may be distracted by the unhealthy.

Start each day with your own positive routine.
Inspire yourself with immediate inspirational thinking.
Listen within as you awaken to your inner guidance.
Carry your good daily routines with you wherever you go.

·      Some read inspirational or spiritual material.
·      Some envision the day unfolding with love and grace.
·      Some listen for inner guidance as to how to proceed with their day.
·      Some stretch and get their energy moving. 
·      Some write down plans  and projects to prepare.
·      Some breathe fresh air, take a walk or do exercises and yoga.
·      Some prepare a nutritious breakfast.
·      Some awaken their partner or children with happy words.
·      Some brush their teeth and was their face with a smile.
·      Some give thanks for the beautiful day they feel has been created for them.
·      Some clean up their home or enjoy the home that is already in perfect order.

How you begin your day makes a difference to you, your family and everyone you encounter.
How you feel as you awaken determines how those around you feel.
Your thoughts and feelings, prayers and choices, create how your day goes.
Your inspired energy gives energy to everything you do and speak to and enjoy.

Your singing inspires singing.
Your gratitude inspires gratitude.
Your loving inspires more loving.
Your goodness inspires goodness.

You are sharing all that you think, feel, say and do all day long…..and at night as well.
It is your participation and privilege to share your Good with all those you encounter or think of.
You can literally change the quality and experience of your day for all those you meet.
Begin to practice daily what you want to contribute to your world.

Begin each new day with a positive attitude.
Delete all thoughts that are hurtful to you or anyone.
Clean up any mess you make in relationships.
Develop the routine that inspires, supports and fulfills you.

I begin my day with you and these Loving Reminders for us all.
Love works.
Betty Lue