Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Natural Living

I choose what is right and true for me.
I accept my uniqueness and allow others the same.
I value what I learn from all peoples and their choices.
I am happy when I stop judging myself and others.

Natural Living

We may believe what our family did is natural.
Or we may see our culture as natural.
Whatever we have lived seems natural and right for us.
Are we mistaken?

Until we see different choices, we may not know there are other “right” ways.
Until we hear stories of other customs, we many not know there is a another way.
Unless we experience something different, how can we know.
When we experience differences, we may begin to question what is right or true or better.

Let us observe some obvious differences in cultures and peoples and customs.
    Bathing once a week or every day or never.
    Wearing something on one’s head (turban, scarf, yamaka).
    Speaking another language.
    Praying for all sicknesses, weather changes, food, etc.
    Saying “please” and “ thank you”  for everything.
    Respecting elders.
    Eating once, twice or three times or more daily.
    Eating meat or no products derived from animal.
    Never hurting any animal or human being.
    Driving no motorized vehicle, traveling only by foot or animal drawn carriage.
    No electricity.
    Only saying what is “nice” or saying nothing at all
    Clothing, jewelry, makeup, tatoos or other novel ornamentation.
    What are your unique customs or habits?
    Unique ways of parenting, communicating, different customs for eating and hygiene.

When we know more, we may judge more or accept more..
We tend to judge what we think is right and what is wrong.
We could forgive our need to be right and/or make others wrong.
We could be interested and accepting of our many differences.

As we come to fear less and accept more, we respect our cultural choices and choose what works for us.
As we value what is valuable, we trust others to value what they find valuable.
When we recognize cultural differences without judgment, we appreciate the right to choose
In our acceptance of one another, we find inner peace and happiness.

Life has infinite opportunity for diversity and choice.
We adapt by exploring, experiencing and changing our minds.
As we forgive our negative comparisons, we enjoy our own right to choose.
We can all live together in harmony, when we no longer fear our differences.

Nature has unlimited differences and so do we all.
The peoples of the earth desire and deserve the right to choose.
Let us enjoy our diversity and uniqueness with respect and appreciation.

Loving our differences,
Betty Lue