Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Spring

Plant Seeds of Wisdom in Your Consciousness

No matter what the weather, we are growing a garden in our lives.
No matter what the thoughts, we are planting them in our minds.
No matter what we want to blame, we are choosing what we experience.
No matter what we think, we are the gardeners of our soul.

When we plant corn, we grow corn.
When we plant weeds, we grow weeds.
When we plant blessings, we grow blessings.
When we plant gossip, we grow gossip.

What have you planted recently?
Have you taken a look at your mission, your purpose and goals?
Have you asked yourself what you really want to be, do and have?
Have you looked inside and out at what is growing inside you now?

The springtime of our soul follows the dark and cold winter.
The spring is a time in which we feel vitality and enthusiasm, hope and joy abound.
The spring is the time to take a look at the fields of your unlimited consciousness.
This is the time to wake up and plow your fields with an eye to what is to be planted in your life.

When we take impeccable care with ourselves, we live impeccably.
When we neglect ourselves, we look, feel and live with neglect.
When we fill our minds with nothingness, we feel like nothing.
When we fill our hearts with gratitude and love, we feel rich with appreciation and joy.

Life works for us, when we give up idle chatter in thought and word.
Life works through us, when we engage in meaningful activities of participation and contribution.
Life feeds us abundantly, when we have been good stewards of life’s unlimited resources.
Life feeds those we encounter, when we share the abundant blessings of wisdom with everyone.

The joy in life is watching it work in our lives as we learn to work with the natural flow.
Conserve when there is less. Invest when there is more.
Give thanks with trust and sharing no matter what the flow.
And there will always be more to share.

Enjoy this spring.
See the beauty that it brings.
Know that what you see
Reflects the light in you and me.

I am loving you in loving the goodness you are planting in our world today.
You are a conscious gardener in my life.
Keep up the Good work.
Know you are loved.

Betty Lue