Sunday, December 11, 2016


I free past negativity and pain with forgiveness now.
I forgive everyone and everything including myself.
With complete forgiveness, only peace and love remain.
I release and let go and let Goodness guide my life.

Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness.

Forgiveness is essential to happy completions.
Forgiveness is what clears the way for Good.
Forgiveness is changing our mind.
Forgiveness is freeing and inspiring.

Resentment, blame, criticism, all negativity is a drag on your life energy.
When you hold grievances, you carry the burden and the pain.
Letting go sets you free to be aware of your own life choices.
All negative judgments are a distraction, delay and detour from your own path.

Time changes all things.
Why repeat what no longer is?
Why not let go and begin again?
What good does it do to focus on what is not good?

Relinquish past pain and regain your own high way.
Undo what does not belong to you.
See what is good for you and be grateful.
Allow what never was real to be released.

Life shows us where our Good is blocked.
The obstacles to receiving blessings must be released.
We can open the flow of health, happiness and prosperity with clearing our negativity.
Forgiveness here will clear all blocks to reveal our  Goodness and Prosperity.

Practice forgiving every thought, word and action that dams the flow of loving kindness.
We block the flow of Good by robbing ourselves of love and peace and joy.
Our life work is to let go and allow only what is helpful, grateful and beneficial to all.
We can change it all with willingness to delete what is not good in our thinking, speaking and actions.

It is time to throw away sour grapes rotten fruit and unhealthy thoughts, words and behavior.
It is time to renew our minds and begin growing what is best for all concerned.
It is time to share and show what reminds us all of how we can live together in harmony.
It is time to listen and learn, observe and allow ourselves to lead the way.

Forgiving everyday with kindness and gratitude,
Betty Lue

Healing Our Projections => Seeing Only Wholeness

1.  We perceive what we believe.
2.  We believe what we think we are.
3.   If I believe I am my past, then I believe you are your past.
4.   Believing in my past is to see and live it over again in all I see and do and am.
5.   Believing in your past is to remember it and continue to blame you for it.
6.  The more I feel guilty about my past, the more I place blame on you.
7.  All anger is my guilt projected onto others.
8.  To forgive my past is to release it.
9.  To release is to see it no more.
10.As I release my past, I release others from my projected guilt and self-judgment.
11. As I see myself whole, I see wholeness in others.
12 .As I heal my guilt about past mistakes, I heal my fear of the future.
13. To be in the present is to heal (erase) the past.
14. As I live in the present and love myself as I am now, I like you in the present and see you as you are now.
15. In this present moment, there is only Love for ourselves, each other and all that is.