Thursday, December 29, 2016


I forgive myself for being thoughtless or inconsiderate.
I choose to care and be aware of all I think, do and say.
I am respectful and considerate of myself and others.
I always give my very best with kindness and consideration.

Please Consider!

Do you consider others’ feelings?
Are you considerate of what others think and believe?
Do you care about what others have and don’t have?
Are you considerate of what you want or choose?

If you were not born into a home which chose to consider one other, you may not know.
If you live in a culture where people are ego-centered, you may not even understand.
If you go to school or work with inconsiderate adults or children, this may not be familiar.
Consider how you feel, what you think and choose if you are truly considerate of yourself.

Do you reflect on what you say and do?
Are you mindful of what comes through your choices?
Do you honor what is right for you?
Are you aware of what your words and feelings express to others?

Consideration is a conscious way to live.
When you are considerate, you have a positive intention for what you think, say and do.
You are thoughtful about your choices.
You reflect on your words and the impact they may have.

When you allow yourself to listen to your inner Self, you recognize what may be misinterpreted.
When you make a mistake, you apologize and correct it immediately.
When you observe someone is upset or hurt, you consider how to respond.
When you notice your own hurt feelings, you are mindful about how to heal.

Being too busy may disconnect you from your Higher Self.
Being afraid may separate you from your sensitive loving Self.
Worrying about what others judgments may create your own defensiveness.
Being mindful requires finding the best in you and following your highest intentions.

Consideration requires pausing and listening to what feels helpful and kind.
Consideration asks that you consider everyone involved.
Consideration is saying NO to what is hurtful, unkind or negative.
Consideration invites us all to choose the high way.

Take the time to consider how you want to feel.
Listen to your heart to know what you want to hear.
Honor your innocence and be conscious of what is best.
Love yourself enough to give yourself the best experiences.

Time to give up childish and thoughtless behavior.
Time to wake up and choose what is helpful and healthy.
Time to grow up and align with functional relationships.
Time to show up, pay attention and tell the Highest Truth.

Encouraging you to be your best everyday with everyone.
Loving you,
Betty Lue