Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Effective Living

Giving my best is Effective.
I pay attentions to what works best.
I am on purpose in my life.
Everything works best when I live my best.

Live Effectively

Everything I think, say and do is teaching others.
My life is an expression and reflection of who I Am.
I live my life reminding myself of what I choose.
I learn from my mistakes, my corrections and all my experiences.

Pay attention to what you say to others.
Are you focused on problems or solutions?
Are you looking to the past or to the future?
Are you constantly judging what is wrong or enjoy what is right?

Our focus of attention determines where we are going.
The more we are looking in the rear view mirror, the more likely we lose our way.
The back seat drivers only confuse, overwhelm and distract us.
We are here to know our destination and stay focused on the path.

Have you kept yourself in good condition, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually?
Are you staying positive or cause in “Misery loves company.”?
Will you step out of the fog of doom and gloom and seek the light?
Are you willing to find the most effective way to encourage and support you everyday?

Consider your options.
1. Fear for the future and build a wall of defense.
2. Wait and see what happens.
3. Find the best way to life fully each and everyday.

You can use your thoughts and vision to create a better way.
You can use your words to inspire and encourage others.
You can begin creating, building and watching Good grow.
You can live your life, inspired, teaching and enjoying  today.

Effectiveness knows where to go and what to do.
Effective living begins at the beginning, one step at a time.
Effective living stays committed to the desired outcome.
Effective living considers the Highest Good for all concerned.

You can create what is good and right and true for you.
This is your life to live, effectively with integrity, love and wisdom.
Be of great courage and joy as you choose the best way for you.
Honor the best in you in all you say and do and give.
Loving you for the contributions you make,
Betty Lue