Monday, November 07, 2016


I listen to humanity and trust in God.
I affirm what is right and true and serves the Good in All.
I believe there is a right time and place for us all to awaken to the Love within.
When I doubt, I still myself and listen within.

What Are Your Priorities?

Who do you love the most?
What is your REAL job?
To whom are you devoted?
How do you choose?

Life seems to pull us in many directions.
Our loyalties are often in conflict.
Without a north star or a light to guide us, how do we choose?
Our choices make a life changing difference.

Self first or others first?
Spiritual teachings first or popular values?
Children first or spouse and life partner?
What works or what others expect?

Many choices with many voices.
How do you decide with the great divide inside?
For me, there is no choice.
I listen within to a singular voice of Love.

It has taken many years of dedication and cultivation.
I have always been guided to choose my own path from the time I was born.
I have rarely doubted or been questioned by others because I listen with trust.
I learned to actively daily listen and follow what I hear/know/trust from within.

I sit each morning since 1977 and write as I am guided from an inner “knowing”.
I ask questions when I want to know and I listen for daily “guidance”.
I call it Holy Spirit, but it could be named my Higher Self, or master teachers or wisdom circle.
All I know is that it guides me where I go with constant wisdom and love which I trust.

When you find an inner advisor who guides you to love unconditionally, serves from your heart and always remember the Good, trust it and follow it.
It is Love that guides me.
It is Love that carries me.
It is Love that lights my life.

Those I know that listen and follow may not have explanations for what they do.
Those that listen may not follow the traditional or obvious path, but they are true and strong.
Those who listen within keep smiling no matter what life brings.
They trust they are always guided by what is for the Highest Good of those they serve.

I trust in the Love within us all.
I free myself to live and give for the Highest Good of all.
I allow Love, only Love, to lead my life.
Betty Lue