Sunday, October 16, 2016

What To Do?

When I don’t know what to do, I listen within for guidance.
I trust my inner voice guided by Love.
I awaken to the call for love for safety and inner peace.
I seek what is for the Highest Good of All.

What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What To Do??

When someone breaks the law, what do you do?
When someone is being abused, what do you do?
When you are being bullied or hurt by another, what do you do?
When you are afraid for a child, what do you do?

When someone asks for your help, what do you do?
When you see something that is against your values, what do you do?
When you are offended by the language of another, what do you do?
When watching upsetting TV or movie, what do you do?

When an authority figure (Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Preacher) is inappropriate, what do you do?
When engaged in an argument that is upsetting to you, what do you do?
When you want to leave, but don’t feel safe, what do you do?
When you disagree with a ticket, a grade, another’s driving, what do you do?

Take care of yourself first ......and step out of harm’s way.
Make a clear statement “I feel…….and I want…….. I am willing to………..
Listen for the other to respond if you feel safe.
Seek counsel and support, protection and inner peace.

Ask yourself what you would want, if in the same circumstance.
Treat the other as you want to be treated.
Never allow another to harm you physically, mentally or in any way.
Stay safe and respect yourself, as you do what you are called to do.

Use the upsetting situation as a “wake up call”.
Respond with greater awareness and acknowledgment of what is “not right”.
Take stock of the effectiveness of what you do or say to prevent, protect, teach or help all involved.
Follow your conscience and always do what is best for everyone involved.

Challenges show up.
Respond in ways that contribute to the Greater Good.
Learn to see things differently and do what works.
Use fear for greater awareness and contribute your “good energy” to make things better.

Calming ourselves first will yield a more effective and helpful response.
Seek help for yourself, and then you can find help for the others.
Learning to be truly helpful requires a “no harm” policy.
Do not allow thoughts or words  to  harm to you or others.

There is a place of peace and prayer within that will answer our questions.
What to do will depend on all the factors involved.
So seek a moment of silence and ask “How can I be most helpful?”
Listen and respond with faith that “All things can work together for Good.”.

Remember who you are and take impeccable care of You. 
Life is for giving and you are the gift.
Seeking always better ways to live,
Betty Lue