Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Live On Purpose and Be Happy!

I trust my inner knowing and feel safe and happy.
I do what I am called to do and feel confidence and free.
I live life with gratitude and joy.
I am always in the right place at the right time, doing the right things.

Happiness is Being On Purpose,

When our lives (marriage, finances, job, health) are not working, we are unhappy and upset.
(With no goal or destination, anything can throw us off course, because we really have no direction
When upset, we tend to find fault and blame ourselves and others or outside influences.
When unhappy, we feel lost and project the fear and guilt outside ourselves.
 (on the past, our relationships,  the weather, economy, politics, environment, etc.).

When we have upset, with others, it is because we are off purpose.
It is frightening to have no direction, meaning or purpose .
Every upset is about not living in integrity with what is right and true for us.
Our real work is to find our own life purpose and live in integrity with inner peace and happiness.

When on purpose with our own truth, we are happy with ourselves and content with our lives.
We know ourselves and are true to ourselves.
We trust and free others to know themselves and to live true to themselves.
We live in love and peace with trust and freedom for all.  

When living with peace and purpose, we become helpful instead of blameful.
When living with integrity, we do not waste our energy on shaming or complaining.
When feeling gratitude and joy, we use our resources to fulfill our purpose.
At our best, there is always an overflow of goodness we will use to bless others.

Our first step is always to trust and free ourselves to find our own purpose and path.
Seek the place within where you feel whole and happy and free.
Look for moments in life where you feel most in love and alive, confident and complete.
Identify the thoughts and feelings, activities and accomplishments that are most meaningful for you.

In relationship we attract those who push our buttons so we notice where we are living off purpose.
We create relationships in which we can notice where we are not living with integrity and purpose.
Instead of trying to fix or change the other, and focus on healing and transforming yourself.
Instead of trying to avoid or make external or temporary changes, we can begin to heal and release past hurts and fears.
In relationships we can learn to welcome the temporary upset and do our own inner work.

When upset:
Take a time out.  Step away and sit alone to explore: Begin to write!
The real reason I feel  upset it:...............( Write down all the thoughts that come thru your mind even if they don’t make sense.) It may take pages of clearing and several times of writing al your thoughts.
You are clearing unhealed stuff from your whole past history and sometimes the history of others.

Seek your purpose or calling.
1   We are here to be happy.
2   When we are happy, we are at peace with ourselves and others.
3   When we are happy with our selves and our lives, we are healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally and financially.
4   When unhappy and off purpose, we tend to focus on what is wrong with ourselves and others.
5   When unhappy we usually complain, inter”fear “and try to fix others and our selves.
6   Learn to forgive yourself for limiting yourself and for blaming yourself and others.

Life teaches us it is fun, safe, easy and helpful to be whole, happy and on purpose.
Loving you in loving you,
Betty Lue

Healing Relationships

You are responsible for your own happiness and inner peace.

Where we are upset (angry, hurt, afraid, judgmental), our past wounds (unhealed stuff) has been triggered.   This shows us where we have work to do.

The usual relationship habit is to try to “fix” the other person, to get them to change or stop saying or doing what has upset us. This makes the other feel “wrong” and guilty and hurt and angry and inadequate. This only exaggerates the problem.  
It is ineffective over the long term.

The real work is to heal our own woundedness, to clear our own buttons and heal our history and forgive allowing anything or anyone to hurt us.  When we have done our work, we can be truly effective, helpful and teach by example.

This is a big job.  
It cannot be done overnight, but takes constant practice.
We must first take good care of ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.  
Being conscious and taking impeccable care of ourselves is essential to quality relationships.

Begin now with learning to love, respect, trust and appreciate yourself.
The more you love, trust, respect and appreciate yourself,
the more others will love, trust, respect and appreciate you.
The more you love, respect, trust and appreciate yourself,
the more others will do the same for themselves and  for others.

You are the living example, the teacher, with everything you think, say and do.