Thursday, September 22, 2016

Want More?

I Have All to give All I have.
Life works when I am willing to share what I have.
True prosperity comes from recognizing the unlimited supply of everything Good.
I celebrate the bountiful beauty, goodness and wholeness in me and my world.

If You Want More…….?

For what purpose do you want?
When you are wanting, you are focused on not having.
When you attention is on what you don’t have, there will be an increase in not having.
When you attend to how much you have, you increase the abundance of what you have.

How much time do you spend on wishing you had more of something?
Your energy is either attracting expansion or contraction.
Your mental and physical focus can be controlled with your choice.
With a focus on how little you have and how much your want will create the same.

Those who have little can see how much they have simply by seeing things differently.
Appreciating how much, how good, how awesome, how healthy, how happy encourages.
Depreciating, complaining, comparing, judging how little, lacking and limited gets lets not more.
Spending time, energy and money on ”trying to get” what you want, encourages “trying to get.”

Many for learned to work to GET money, GET education, GET healthy.
This leads to a life of “GETTIMG” more, always something more to GET.
When we begin to see things differently and celebrate how much we have to GIVE.
We begin to have a life of “GIVING” and there is always More to be “GIVING”

God is able to provide is with every blessing in abundance so that you may always have enough of everything and may provide in Abundance fore every Good Work. II Corinthians 9:8

Energy moving out allows for what is needed and useful to cycle in.
Energy focused on only moving in creates a feeling of neediness and lack.
What would it take to manage your energy so that you always have more to give, to share to contribute.
The best way to have is to be willing to share it with others.

Who are you sharing your life with?
How do you value what you share with them?
Do you benefit others with all you have within you.
Are you appreciating the bountiful exchange of Good in your life?

You can be alone and share.
You can be with your world and contribute.
You can fulfill your own needs by sharing what you have with others.
There is always ore than enough to share.

Abundance, Success, Happiness, Health, Wisdom grow with our caring and sharing.
The loaves and fishes story is a teaching of how sharing replenishes and expands in the giving.
What will it take for you to begin enjoying what you have and are willing to give?
How can you experiment with the Fullness that comes from giving All of you?

Life is for giving!
You are the Gift!
It is in giving the Gift of yourself that you realize the abundant gift you are!!
Enjoy Giving!!

Loving you with All I have.
Betty Lue

There is no lack.
There is always plenty.
There is always enough for everyone.
Forgive the fear and everyone has enough.

When you believe it, you will see it!
Love is freedom to share and trust in Abundance.
Betty Lue