Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Letting Go with Gratitude

I easily let go of the past unwanted stuff.
I free myself and see myself and my life more clearly.
I no longer cling to what has no value.
I release what is holding me back.

Letting Go Is Fun, Safe and Easy.

Most people are attached.
Most have learned to hang on.
Many hoard and stockpile.
Memories and stuff, good and bad, are retained in minds, hearts, bodies and home.

When you hold on to dead stuff, it decays.
When you hold on to hurtful memories, it  is toxic.
When you hold on to what is useless & meaningless, it clutters your mind.
When you fill your life with what was, there is no room for what it now.

Consider letting go of what was.
Consider freeing yourself from the past.
Consider erasing your full hard drive.
Consider opening room for the new.

Love is letting go of fear.
Our fear is what we have used to defend ourselves.
Yet does it protect us or keep us hiding in the dark.
Does the past shut our the lighted path of infinite possibility?

Free your home of clutter and debris.
Free your relationship of gossip and negativity.
Free you body of accumulated fat and waste.
Free your mind of negative stories of resentment and hurt.

Free your heart of regret and resentment.
Only you can clear the past.
Only you can make room for love.
Only you can give us unhealthy habits of mind and body.

We choose what works.
We choose what to let go.
We choose what we want.
We choose what has no value.

Don’t hide behind stories of woe.
Don’t defend yourself with years of fear.
Don’t pretend the painful past is helpful.
Don’t hang on to what is harmful to you.

Free yourself to be your true Self.
Undo the past chains that bind you.
Give up what has no value or good energy.
Celebrate the freedom and trust within you.

Love and laughter are good for you.
Dance in the sun and sing in the rain.
Love who you want to love
Celebrate each new dawn.

Loving you by trusting you to free you,
Betty Lue

There is no lack.
There is always plenty.
There is always enough for everyone.
Forgive the fear and everyone has enough.

When you believe it, you will see it!
Love is freedom to share and trust in Abundance.
Betty Lue