Friday, September 23, 2016

Live Your Calling!

I choose to live what is whole and happy and best for me.
I am responsible for being my very best.
I live in alignment with my highest purpose.
I love, serve and realize the Good in myself.

Be Responsible for Your Life

Are you ready to live in Love?
Are you willing to have Faith?
Are you open to find Peace?
Are you going to be Who You Really Are?

There is greatness in you.
There is Love surrounding you.
There is Wisdom within you.
There is time for you to become the Authentic You.

Are you a defender, a warrior?
Are you a magician and a creator?
Are you a leader and visionary?
Are you a lover and harmonizer?
Are you a scholar and researcher?
Are you a server and helper?
Are you an artisan and builder?
Are you an inspirer and spiritual teacher?
Are you are healer and way shower?

Only when we live our true calling, are we open to experience true prosperity.
Only when we listen to the calling in our heart, do we see the way home to peace.
Only when we let go of resentment and regret, do we come to know what is true.
Only when we forgive the past do we see what is right inside of me and you.

While we may be uncomfortable being new in thought, words and behavior, we find our joy.
While others may not recognize the Goodness and Wisdom we offer, we are true to ourselves.
While there may be times of forgetfulness and stepping off purpose, we remember what we are here to be.
While we are learning and practicing what we claim to be, we may be uncertain and doubtful.

There is always a choice for renewal of mind and Spirit.
There is always time for forgiving the past and beginning again.
There are always helpers and guides, teachers and healers along the way.
There is universal support and encouragement when we say YES to our inner guidance.

Simply be willing to live your inner truth.
Openly acknowledge you came to give your whole Self.
Honestly give yourself the permission and freedom to live wholeheartedly.
This is your path to fully responding to all things with Love.

I trust you to be true to the Real You.
I see You, I know You and I simply Love You,
Betty Lue

“Give yourself to Love.
And Love will give to you.
Live your life with Trust.
And Trust will see you through.”